Shalbourne Pavilion Appeal

It has been evident for some time that continuing to patch up an inadequate and increasingly dangerous structure is no longer an option: a new pavilion is needed at the Sports Ground.

After a period of consultation with local residents, sports clubs and other interested parties, and after taking advice from architects and consulting engineers, the Club applied for planning permission for a new pavilion and Wiltshire Council granted approval on April 29, 2014.  The proposed Pavilion covers the footprint of the old structure, incorporating as permanent an area that has been ‘under canvas’ for several years.

The pavilion will have spacious and fully equipped changing rooms for team and individual sports, together with ample lavatory and shower areas for men and women. Catering facilities will be included, as will a large multi-purpose area to allow dining, indoor classes, table-tennis etc. There will be a verandah on the front of the building. Storage facilities for groundskeeping and other equipment will be provided in a separate building to the rear of the Pavilion.

NewPav-MDOn May 9 2014 the Shalbourne Pavilion Appeal was launched, with the aim of raising some £200,000 to finance the demolition of the existing structure and build a new Pavilion and storage buildings for the Sports Field.

Progress so far

£83,000 raised as at May 2015